School Fees Maker
School Fees Maker
School Fees Maker
School Fees Maker
School Fees Maker
School Fees Maker

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School Fees Maker

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Struggle No More With School Fees Computation and Sending To Parents. Automate it with School Fees Maker App!

School Fees Maker App is a Simple, Editable, Effective and User-friendly School Desktop App. It runs off-line on Microsoft Excel, designed with Ms VBA. IT AUTOMATICALLY COMPUTES A CUSTOMISED SCHOOL FEES DETAILS FOR EACH STUDENT AND SENDS IT TO EMAIL.

Simple and Highly Efficient
With a click of a button send bills via email to all your students at once.
The App can be used for over 3,500 students at once, shared into almost 20 classes. It’s extremely simple to use and highly efficient.

Features of School Fees Maker
It is a macro-enabled excel app therefore, it opens up in excel.
It is editable and can be customized to meet your needs.
It runs off-line. you only need the internet to send emails.
It is easy to use and user-friendly.
It can be used for the whole school. It can accommodate over 3,500 students at once.
You can send mails via Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo.
You can print or send termly fees or session fees.
You can use up to 5 different currencies.

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