Ruby on Rails Foundations
Ruby on Rails Foundations

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Ruby on Rails Foundations

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  • Basic computer knowledge
  • No programming experience required


Are you ready to start building professional web applications? Over a decade of programming experience has taught me that the best way to learn how to code is to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles and then learn from building real-world projects, and that's exactly what this course does. Beginning with setting up your local development environment and ending with deploying your production application to the web, this course gives a detailed walkthrough on:

  • Creating applications
  • Using the Rails console
  • Generating scaffolds
  • Running advanced database queries
  • How to configure RESTful routes
  • Configuring views
  • Building out the full Model/View/Controller architecture
  • Working with multiple database options
  • Creating custom algorithms
  • Building a file uploader connected to a CDN
  • Working with Ruby gem libraries
  • Integrating authentication

This course differs from others because it not only teaches you how to build an application, it focuses on giving developers an in-depth understanding of the web framework itself so that you can take your new knowledge and build any type of application. With the course organized so that each video teaches a specific feature, you can use them in the future as a reference when you want to build out a specific functionality. The course was engineered to ensure you will be able to learn the material:

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in building web applications
  • Developers wanting to learn how to create Ruby on Rails apps

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