Introduction to Bitcoin Investing and Savings
Introduction to Bitcoin Investing and Savings

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Introduction to Bitcoin Investing and Savings

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You might think that Bitcoin is for nerds, but it is actually an amazing way to get savings in your everyday life.

Did you know that you can get savings at your favourite retailers like Amazon or Starbucks if you use Bitcoin? Yes, you can get 10-20% OFF if you transact with Bitcoin instead of government-issued currencies.

Bitcoin can also be used as an investment but whereas your other investment profits are taxed by your governments, Bitcoin profits are not taxed. Plus, unlike other investments where you are lucky to make 10% year over year, Bitcoin has grown 10x year over year. That's 1000% per cent!

In this course, I will also show you how to earn Bitcoin online without having to invest in it. You would earn Bitcoin instead of dollars. No tax on your earnings and your Bitcoin might grow 1000% year over year for years to come.

Sign up for this course today and begin exploring the amazing world of Bitcoin and integrate it into your daily life, making it better. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Online entrepreneur
  • People who want to get into Bitcoin but don't know-how

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