HTML/CSS Bootcamp
HTML/CSS Bootcamp

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HTML/CSS Bootcamp

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  • Basic computer skills


Hi and welcome to the HTML/CSS Boot Camp course, where we'll walk through the same course I teach code boot camp students around the world. My name is Jordan Hudgens, and I'll be your instructor for the course. In addition to being the lead instructor for devCamp, I've also been building web applications for over a decade for organizations such as Eventbrite and Quip.

After you have completed this course you will be able to build real-world websites and learn the same concepts taught at the devCamp code camps. Additionally, because this is a project-based course, after you've gone through the lessons you will have a full website portfolio.

We'll start out by working through the syntax and best practices for HTML and CSS, including a strong focus on industry practices that are expected by web developers. After traversing the basics we're going to build five real-world websites. By taking a project-based approach you will learn practical skills that you can translate directly into your own applications. For the project sections of the course, we'll build the Google, Pinterest, and Tesla home pages, completely from scratch. Additionally, we'll walk through how to build an HTML email. And our final project will be a social network homepage that I hired a designer to create specifically for this course.

Additionally, you will learn concepts such as:

  • How to create a responsive website that renders a different layout for smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers.
  • Building HTML forms for getting user input.
  • Creating CSS based animations for adding a unique design to websites.
  • Work with the Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS framework to build modern websites.

As helpful as it is to follow along with step by step guides, I have higher expectations for this course. My goal is that you will learn, not only how to follow along, but that you'll learn how the principles of HTML and CSS work at their core. This is a vital point of differentiation between this course and other front end tutorials I've come across.

There are no technical pre-requisites to this course. The ideal student is an individual who wants to learn how to build and style websites, with a focus on real-world development. Throughout the lessons, I switch between a Mac and PC and you can use either operating system to follow along with the course material.

Each lesson of the course is paired with the source code that I used in the lecture so you can check your work. Additionally, the course has quizzes and coding challenges that will help reinforce your knowledge.

Please feel free to review the course curriculum and I look forward to going through the material with you on your development journey!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in learning what it takes to build websites with HTML and CSS

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