How to Build A Sales and Marketing Powerhouse
How to Build A Sales and Marketing Powerhouse

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How to Build A Sales and Marketing Powerhouse

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In most companies, Marketing produces leads and Sales turns these leads into customers. But although Marketing and Sales rely on each other for their own success, the relationship is often strained due to misalignment and poor communication.

Not only does a lack of alignment lead to frustration and dysfunction, but it also results in missed revenue opportunities. In fact, IDC research shows that failure to align Sales and Marketing around the right processes and technologies costs companies 10% of revenue each year.

Register and learn tips from our panel of experts on how to re-build a broken Sales and Marketing partnership and turn your team into the ultimate “marketing” power couple.

What You Will Learn

  • The common causes of Sales and Marketing misalignment
  • Why it’s important to bridge the Sales and Marketing divide
  • Tips to turn a dysfunctional duo into a marketing powerhouse
  • Best practices for achieving long-term Sales and Marketing alignment

What You Get

  • 1-hour video lecture/webinar

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