Fundraising Ideas - 10 Unique Ways To Raise Capital
Fundraising Ideas - 10 Unique Ways To Raise Capital
Fundraising Ideas - 10 Unique Ways To Raise Capital
Fundraising Ideas - 10 Unique Ways To Raise Capital

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Fundraising Ideas - 10 Unique Ways To Raise Capital

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  • You are excited and willing to hustle to implement the strategies in this course
  • You are in the process of starting a business and need to raise money


  • 3 websites that help you raise funds for your business
  • Extra resources for finding and getting grants
  • A new section with very unusual ways to raise funds for your business
  • Most lectures updated to have improved audio and video quality

Learn exactly how to raise money for your project! This course presents over 10 unique and actionable ways to raise money, and how to go about raising money using each particular strategy. If you are in the process of raising money for your business or are wondering how and where to start with your fundraising efforts, this course will shed light on what is possible. You will learn many actionable and very practical ways to raise money.

Who this fundraising course is for:

  • People who have a business idea and need funding to get started
  • People with active businesses who need funding to grow and improve their product
  • If you have always dreamt of starting a business, but didn't know how to raise money for your business, this is the course for you. Now you can finally raise money and start your business.

Not sure if the strategies in this fundraising course will help you raise money?

If I was in your shoes, I would wonder the same thing. To be honest with you, not all strategies presented in this course will work for you. That is why this course gives you a very wide range of strategies to raise money. While not all fundraising strategies presented in this course will work for you, some of the strategies in this course should definitely help you raise money.

You may end up raising more or less than $100,000. That will be up to how hard you work at it, and how well you will apply the strategies in this course, and how well you execute the strategies.

If you combine a number of the strategies presented in this course you should be able to reach the sum of $100,000 and in many cases even more.

Why it is important that you take this course

There are some courses that push you towards investors, or loans or crowdfunding. But they are all narrow because they just focus on one strategy. After taking this course, you will have a very broad view of all the possible ways to raise money. You will be like a general overseeing the full battlefield instead of a soldier just blindly following what people say you should do.

You will be able to choose the path that is right for your unique situation and business. And that will help you to become a stronger business person, raise the money you need, and grow your business.

I understand how you feel!

I am a small business owner just like you and I help many business owners almost every day. Trust me, I understand how difficult, confusing and stressful it might be for you to start a business with no money and no support. I made this course to empower you to make confident and correct decisions and take your business in the right direction.

The first part of this fundraising course:

General fundraising fundamentals to help you understand how much money you need to raise, and help you feel comfortable with ins and outs of raising money.

The second part of this fundraising course:

Raising money from institutions by getting

  • Loans
  • Donations
  • Investments
  • Grants

The third part of this fundraising course:

In this part of the course, I go over many out of the box, creative and resourceful ways to raise money.

NEW! The fourth part of this fundraising course:

The fourth part of the course has tips on how to raise money for mobile apps.

Who should take this fundraising course:

You should take the course if you need to raise money for your business. If you are hoping to get an investment, loans, grants, or maybe raising donations via crowdfunding, this is the course for you because it covers a wide variety of ways that you can raise money. Not all businesses will find each of the strategies effective, but surely, with such a wide variety of fundraising strategies, the course has something for just about any business or organization.

How this fundraising course was born

Here is the story of how the material for the course was made. I originally created the Problemio mobile apps which are some of the top apps for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business. Those apps now have over 1,000,000 downloads across iOS, Android, and Kindle. A great majority of the entrepreneurs who used the apps needed to raise money. To help them, I had to research all the different ways to raise money that they could use. And this course is the summation of all those ways to raise money, and my continuing efforts to keep finding new ways to help entrepreneurs raise money.

This fundraising course will take around 2 hours to complete.

I sincerely hope you find this fundraising course helpful and insightful. I wish you the best of luck with your business, hope to see you on the inside of the course!

What kinds of businesses can you raise money for using this fundraising course?

Here is a list of potential online businesses you can start fundraising for this course: blogging, affiliate marketing, eLearning, create a channel on YouTube, become an author and sell books on Amazon and the Kindle, or become a freelancer or a local concierge.

You can also raise money for a charity or a non-profit using the ideas and strategies in this fundraising training.

Why this fundraising course and not others?

This fundraising course is unique because it acknowledges that fundraising is not easy and that whatever your unique situation is, one strategy might not be enough. I kept adding new fundraising ideas to this course until it got 10 standard fundraising ideas, and even a few pretty crazy fundraising ideas. So even if a few of the fundraising ideas in this course might not work for you, a few others probably will, and you will be able to raise the money you need to start your business or a non-profit or another kind of project.

Who is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners, people looking to start a business

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