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Research has shown that grading and reporting students’ academic performance is one of the most difficult tasks of teachers therefore, computational errors are bound to occur.

Measuring students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor performance is key to the success of any educational institution. Most teachers find this task rigorous and time-consuming and, in a bid to combine this with their core teaching duties, they often make some errors in the computation and analysis of the result. However, it should not be a rigorous and tedious task for educators.

In this 21st century, computation and analysis of students’ performance should transcend to ‘electronic’ to meet up with the pace of the changing trend of globalization and analysis of data.

For many years, I was in the classroom teaching my heart out, for me teaching was my second nature. But actually, apart from the fact that teaching was a “birth thing” for me, I would say I could teach very well.

I was taking mathematics for all ages. I could teach so well – all my students love and look forward to having me in their classroom because my classes are always a mix of simplicity, Humor, Life coaching and all-rounded teaching (I have this unique ability to connect with both the most brilliant students in the class and the below-average ones at the same time).

Sometime I will go to the classroom and all we will do is to sing (of course the song has to relate with what I’m teaching - I compose songs to teach math concepts). Sometimes I will go into the classroom to share life inspiring stories with them. One way or the other I had my way of connecting with my students perfectly and I always ensure they get everything I teach.
But I wished all I do in the school was to come and teach in classes, get my students to learn and then go home. I so wished that was all. But No! I came to realize that teaching is an experience that is much more than going into classes and feeling on top of the world. Although, I can argue that it takes about 50% of the activities but the presence of the other 50% is undeniable.

The other 50% involves the other activities that bring the learning experience into a complete outlook. It involves activities like grading assignments (and I always give quite a lot of assignment back then because you know it was always a good way to ensure that students get back to studying after the lessons), grading tests and exam scores, computing figures to set positions, Writing of lesson notes, marking class attendance and the others.

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What I Realized

You see what I realized was that I was and sorting the other 50% that it drained me of my energy and vibe to flow well at my best 50% teaching in the class.

I saw that it was hitting me up. Unfortunately, I had to admit that it was making me less effective. I wish I had a saviour. I wish there was a way that aspect could be complimented and all I have to do in the class and in the school is to do what I’m good at alone. According to the 80-20 rule I was spending my energy of the 80% that will only result to the 20% productivity whereas there’s this other 20% that will bring me to the needed 80% profit that I needed that I wasn’t being effective at any longer.

Any Way Out?

Who will save me? As I check around I saw that the problem was not just my problem alone it was a problem for almost all of the teachers I spoke and met with. Everyone seemed to be dealing with that same issue. How do we get out? Who or what will rescue the millions of teachers and educators across the globe by helping to compliment the other processes in the school while they focus on doing what they can do well?


In order to solve the problem, we founded Prime Academy Tech to produce digital products among others to salvage the situation and lift away the 50% burden off teachers.
“Automated Grading & Analysis App is a Simple, Editable, Effective and User-friendly Grade Maker. It runs off-line on Microsoft Excel.“

Today, we introduced Automated Grading & Result App to help teachers with computing results and analysing students performance in cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.

Teachers and schools all over the globe are benefitting from this simple but effective app. You too can!

To get this main Automated Grading and Result Template at 25% OFF, use the discount code: GRADING25 to get it at N7,500 instead of N20,000.

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